Does Your Dog Need to Take a Probiotic?

dog probiotic

If your dog shows signs of constipation, flatulence or other digestive problems, it may be a sign that he is in need of probiotics. There are many health benefits of using these good bacteria. So what are these microorganisms? These ‘good bacteria’ help in reducing inflammation in the intestines, prevent diarrhea, and treat several other […]

Look Out for These Signs of Lyme Disease in Dogs

lymes dog

Ticks are commonly found in dogs and their bite can transmit Lyme disease in your pet. The organism related to the disease is then transmitted to different parts of the body with a very high chance of getting localized in the joints. In the past there was a misconception that the condition spread through a […]

Fire Safety Tips for Your Dog

dog safety

There is nothing like having a dog in your home. Your pet is always running around the home, keeping everyone engaged and entertained. You don’t want him to be out of your sight. But with power cords, electrical wires and inflammable substances in your home, you can never be sure about your dog’s safety. So […]